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- Creating the Greenburgh Against Systemic Racism Task Force (GASR), which I initiated and continue to chair. Following George Floyd’s killing, former Governor Cuomo mandated municipalities to file a report on local police reforms. I broadened the scope of that narrow mandate to address additional areas historically known to be affected by systemic racism. Currently, there are two very active committees which have created comprehensive reports available.

GASR Final Report

GASR Housing Report 11/15/2022


I don’t believe in creating reports for a shelf. We have already started to implement recommendations in these reports and look forward to the opportunity to do much more. 

- Addressing internal organizational issues using my expertise in Human Resources best practices, as evident in the Building, Public Works and Police Departments. 

- Coordinating with county, NYS and federal agencies to provide additional resources to address serious infrastructure needs, long-term and during natural disasters. 

- Promoting meaningful economic development to hold the line on property taxes while expanding affordable housing, senior exemptions, and renewal energy incentives. 

- Coordinating community events to provide restored social opportunities for our youth and seniors alike, such as summer festivals throughout town and Juneteenth celebrations.

"I come from a proud family and my mother has been involved with public service and politics for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you, for all the residents of the Town of Greenburgh. We need to reduce our dependence on residential property taxes, boost the local economy, develop the Town’s strategic plan, hold Con Edison accountable and we need to make our Town website more user friendly.  With nearly a decade of government experience, I know what it takes to find solutions, navigate the complicated governmental agencies, and get things done."

Reduce our dependence on residential property taxes

Gina believes reducing the Town's dependence on residential property taxes is more than feasible and would not mean a decrease in services.  While ensuring our tax dollars are spent wisely and efficiently, Gina proposes....

  • Cost sharing with villages to increase purchasing power and reduce expenses.  This is not a plan for service consolidation, but a plan to bolster our purchasing value and might to result in a reduction of expenses/cost per items.

  • Cost sharing with villages to increase purchasing power and reduce expenses.  This is not a plan for service consolidation, but a plan to bolster our purchasing value and might to result in a reduction of expenses/cost per items.


Gina also encourages residential property owners to be proactive and utilize available tools to reduce property taxes by challenging your assessment, checking if you qualify for discounts/exemptions and appealing if your assessment is wrong

Develop the Town's strategic plan

Gina would like to take the lead in developing a much needed strategic plan. Once a draft is developed, it should be reviewed with input from the community, amended, adopted and implemented.  The Strategic Plan should include...

  • Town Vision Statement

  • Town Mission Statement

  • Plans that reflect future economic needs through the use of existing and available development sites, including  undeveloped and underutilized areas

  • Cohesive plans for major projects and infrastructure

  • Business Attraction and Retention Programs including enhancement of Town's image

  • Utilize the Strategic Plan to better identify and meet citizen needs based upon the Town's financial capacity

  • Pursue Grants that benefit the Town

  • Review and update the Strategic Plan on an annual schedule

Continue in Kevin Morgan's Memory as a responsive liaison to the Villages

Gina has already attended many Village Board meetings and will continue as the Town Board liaison to the Villages in memory of Kevin Morgan.  Learning issues specific to the Villages and hearing feedback from neighbors in the Villages who attend Village Board meetings, but may not attend Town Board meetings is essential to having complete input from ALL of Greenburgh and is something Gina is totally committed to for the long-term.


Diversity gives access to a greater range of talent, not just the talent that belongs to a particular world-view or ethnicity or some other restricting definition. It helps provide insight into the needs and motivations of the community, rather than just a small part of it. And has the potential to make our Town  more effective, more successful, more profitable.  Gina believes we are all witnesses to our ever changing world and the reflection of the changes needed in our community. She sees the role of the Town Council as functioning with the best interests of ALL residents continuously at the forefront of decisions and she is confident she will bring that crucial voice for constituents who are eager to be heard. 

Hold Con Edison accountable

In addition to recent strides made with the utility company, Gina would also request the company implement an accelerated training program to increase area coverage and responsiveness during storm outages.  The Town should also insist upon an update to their customer database to easily identify special needs customers, for example, those who are senior citizens or disabled and properties with wells.

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